Reign's Shark Space Ship Bed

Creative Wishes was approached in May of 2006 by Make-a-Wish® of southern Ontario to create a space ship bed for a special little boy in Ontario.  The 5 year old boy was fighting cancer. As with most of our wish children, he wouldn’t sleep in his own room.

His one dream was to have a special room with a space ship bed and a transformer mural.

Creative Wishes designed him a space ship bed and sent him the designs. We wanted to get his approval before proceeding. This type of involvement with the kids gets them excited about their new bed and encourages them to want to make the transition into sleeping on their own.

After sending the concept for his review, Reign replied with a sketch of his own, fresh from the imagination of a 5 year old. … he wanted a shark head on the front of the space ship.  Of course, what a great idea!

Have a look at the photo gallery of this project coming to life.

We understand that Reign is now sleeping in his own room and pets the shark head each night to help it get to sleep!   How Awesome is that?