Logan's Wish

This room is for a for a remarkable 6 year old boy,” Logan “. As a fetus, Logan’s brain never fully developed, so Logan was born with numerous challenges, including a condition called panhypopituitarism, hydrocephalus and he was blind at birth.

Here is the concept for his room.

Because of his underdeveloped brain, Logan does not have a pituitary gland, which controls all the hormones in your body, so since birth, Logan has been taking medicine – daily pills and a shot, to supply his body with the hormones needed to function and develop properly. He has had a number of surgeries, including insertion of a shunt into his brain to drain the fluid into his stomach. Logan is no longer blind, as he has sight in his one eye and he is mentally and physically delayed. He is hypersensitive to many noises and situations, and can be frightened easily by some sounds and situations. Logan needs help with his day-to-day activities and personal care.

The doctors never expected Logan to survive at all, so every day is a blessing! Logan has just recently begun to try and walk and uses a special walker to assist him, until now he crawled/hopped around on his knees, causing a bad case of bursitis. Logan has a very difficult time talking, and attends speech therapy, but he finds it frustrating when no one can understand him, so he tends to be very quiet in public – at home he is very vocal and never stops talking! Logan attends school with the help of a full-time assistant and he loves riding the bus to school and being part of his class. He has just recently learned to spell his name, and is more than happy to share his new found knowledge with anyone who asks!